“Leaf and Grief” Events

“Relief for your grief by making a leaf!”

Stay tuned for events starting in mid October!

There’s no doubt about it, things are extremely challenging for most of us right now!

As if talking about grief and loss wasn’t already difficult for people, now we aren’t able to gather for funerals, memorial services, and grief support groups.

On top of that, opportunities for socialization and cultural engagement like art exhibitions, plays, concerts, and classes, have also been canceled or moved online. No wonder we all feel so isolated!

Want to feel heard, connect with others, be creative, and be a part of something during this challenging moment of extreme isolation and collective grief? Join me in hand-crafting leaves for my project “Ghost Tike: A Collective Memorial.” And as an extra bonus, you can help support the United States Postal Service! 

I invite you to help me hand-make Japanese Maple leaves out of paper for my on-going installation, Ghost Tike, and honor your loved ones!

Your leaves, beautifully crafted with love, will be added to the Ghost Tike art installation. Like an untended ruin or cemetery plot, the leaves will accumulate over days, weeks, months, and years, so that each time the piece is exhibited the amount of leaves will have increased.  

And don’t worry, I know you’ll want to visit your leaves after leaving them in my care, so I will also personally add them to the Memorial Page on my website, where you can visit them anytime. You can even share the link with your friends!

Of course, you can always make leaves on your own, with friends and family members, but if you join my online leaf-making events, you will not only get to make and share your leaves in the virtual company of others, but you can learn more about how I process my grief through my art practice.

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